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Earth Henna

Earth Henna

Not ready to commit to a tattoo?  If you are like me you can still have fun with temporary ink on the skin but done in the safest way then you need to try this!

I received this premium kit from a company called Earth henna (Here is the link to their website)
A bit about this company is they have a store in Santa Monica Blvd, California. On their website you can find regular henna kits, or jagua and white henna kits. Every year part of their proceeds go to A Matses village in Peru to help provide them with water wells, medication, and other health care needs.

Henna Premium Kit

They were kind enough to allow me to choose a kit. I went with the Henna premium kit that retails for $27.50 but is currently on sale for $23.38.

This kit includes:
9g henna powder
36ml henna solution
8 ml eucalyptus oil
1 plastic cone bag
1 applicator with fine tip
2 reusable stencil transfer sheets
Flat toothpicks for touch ups.
 A list of instructions (With pictures)

This is just one of the two sheets. There are 35 designs but you can use each up to 5 times. The instructions come included and feature pictures. Definitely fool proof. I am very awful at following instructions correctly but I found the sheet to be easy to read and understand.

I have to give it to ya straight.. Henna is time consuming. It takes patience: Patience to mix the powder with solution, Patience to wait an hour for it to be ready to use, Patience to draw your designs or trace your stencil, Patience to wait for it to dry before covering up for the 6 hr wait to finally take a shower or wash off the excess, and Patience once again to watch it turn from light to dark. Its a process people, but its a process that is worth it in the end. I promise.

The one design I did use from the kit is the one above. I made a few mistakes because I tend to get a little shaky if my arm is not resting well on something. (Don't do the same mistake as me.) I can say I started off slow but started gaining more confidence half way through.
If you love art this will be a fun one for you.

For the rest of the designs, we (Me and hubby) decided to free hand and give our creativity a chance. Pshhhh! We are not creative at all. I guess we got as far as squiggles, lines, dots, and triangles.

I say practice makes for perfection.

The second time around I tried my hand at a garter and matching hand piece. I recommend if you want to free hand it but need some inspiration check out henna designs on Pinterest or even on the Earth Henna Instagram page.

The designs lasted about a week and a half. I honestly enjoyed them very much. I also loved that there was so much product that I probably could have covered my entire body. (I thought about it haha.) The henna, once mixed, can last up to 4 weeks if stored correctly. It is adult and child safe but as always do test a patch of skin before continuing to ensure your skin is not allergic to the product. If your good to go, you have so many places to wear, a party, festival, the beach, etc. This diy henna kit is amazing. I highly recommend it.

Thank you all for checking the blog out today and A big thank you to Annelor from Earth Henna for the chance to discover this amazing product and for the kind costumer service. Have a lovely rest of your week.



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